Friday, February 3, 2017

It's been too long.  Again.   
Here are a few of the new goodies that have been magicked into being with my crochet hook.

Dragon Blanket, $235, By special request only

Felted Sweetheart Tote, $60 Limited Time
Felted Sweetheart Tote, $60, Limited Time

Love Always Scarf, $45

Valentine Cozy, $8
Marion Slouchy Hat, $30
I'm super proud of this one.  It attended the Inauguration gracing the noggin of one fantastic chic!  Thanks J.

Skull Wrap, $45

Celestial Infinity Scarf, $40

Ms. Fisher's Winter Hat $25
Diamond Hat $25

If you see something you'd like to order.  Please go to the Facebook page, and message me there.  Thanks!

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Warming up the for the fall crochet season

For the last 2 weeks, I've been brainstorming on what items I'd like to offer for sale during the fall and Christmas season.  There ares so many things I have in mind and lots of new patterns I'd like to try.  I've found several new hats that make me long for cooler temperatures.  There's even been a request for a Magikarp hat, if you can believe it.  I'll try to keep a running list of things I can offer here.   If your interested, you can find more information on my Facebook page.  Keep in mind prices do not include shipping costs, and some items can only be sold locally.

My latest piece of fiber fun was this pull over that was requested by a friend.  It turned out super cute!  This was crocheted using the Aura pattern by Velvet Acorn.  They will be $75 in acrylic yarn, not including shipping.  I will only do a limited number of these.

Pullover - $75 for acrylic, $90 for wool blend

The next craze that hit our home lately is of course the PokemonGo obsession.

4" diameter Pokeball - $5

8" tall Pikachu - $25

Can you believe this pattern I found for a Magikarp hat? 

This photo isn't mine.  Click here for the link to the paid pattern by Stephanie Avila

Below are some to the other cool things I've offered in the past.  Feel free to message me on the Facebook site if you'd like to order one.  

Cute Gift Ideas:

Gandalf Gonk - 10" tall, weighted,
and a perfect for your Tolkein fan.

Santa Gonk - 10" tall, weighted

Santa Gonk Ornament
5" tall, unweighted
Gandalf Gonk Ornament
5" tall, unweighted

BB8 Beanie - $35 all sizes
Original Love Knot Design pattern

R2D2 Beanie - $35 All Sizes
Paid pattern by Level Up Nerd Apparel

Death Star Pillow 9" dam.  $35
Free pattern by Patricia Castillo

Wrapped Hood - $60 Adult size only
Original design by Love Knot Design
Mermaid Tail Blanket- Child $80, Adult $90 
Original design by Love Knot Design

Animal Hoods - Fox, Wolf, Panda - Toddler and Youth $50   Teen $60    Adult $70
Lion with Mane -Toddler and Youth $60   Teen $70    Adult $80 
Original Love Knot Design patterns for the animal hoods can be found on or

Ridged Beanie - $25 acrylic
Free pattern by Nancy Smith
Owlie Hat - $30 acrylic
Paid pattern by Carlinda Lewis

Woven Chunky Baskets - prices vary with size
Original free pattern by Love Knot Design can be found on

Let's Go Hiking Ear Warmer - $25 acrylic,  $30 wool blend
Original design by Love Knot Design
Owlie Ear Warmer - $25 - acrylic only
Modified version of Carlinda Lewis pattern

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Pints and Pixels - Share the Love

I'm in my 40s.  I love arcade games.  It's a pretty good bet that if you are in your 40s, you love arcade games, too.  Anyone who was a teenager in the 1970s or 1980s and doesn't fondly remember killing analog aliens or assaulting little silver balls can't be trusted completely.

One of the greatest new things in our little town is Pints and Pixels, a modern twist on the old arcade.  It offers more than 50 classic arcade games, pinball machines, and even a rent-by-the-minute room with a great selection of old school console games.  Add to that some of the best food in town from Anaheim Chili, and a hefty selection of craft beers, and P&P has become our favorite place to visit.  

The best part of this fun filled venue is it has allowed me to introduce the love of the arcade to my kids.  They both have gotten addicted to pinball on an epic scale.  And P&P has all their new favorites like Lord of the Rings, Metallica, The Addams Family, and now Game of Thrones.  I'd play LOTR all day if I could; it's so much fun.  Fairly quickly though, I leave the kids at the pinball wall and head straight to Space Invaders, Joust, and Ms. Pacman.  But, it's fantastic to be able to share this fun with them.  And even though their ages are vastly different (middle school and college) they enjoy spending time together there, too.  And that is priceless.    

But my darling husband?  He's mildly interested in pinball, and he's totally unimpressed with the pixelly smorgasbord.  From now on, I'm going to keep a suspicious eye on him...

At least he'll go for the craft beer.  Go fig.

Friday, July 15, 2016

A Letter to WHNT regarding the July 14th article by Sarah Macaluso concerning St. Johns Church

To the editors and news director at WHNT,

I am very disappointed in the article written and posted on July 14th, by SARAH MACALUSO.  In this article she implies quite clearly that Saint John the Baptist Catholic Church pastor Phil O’Kennedy is not taking the child pornography accusations against John Martin seriously, and the Diocese is trying to hide something.    This is dead wrong.

First, the quote used to inflame the wrath of the reader is truncated to include most the first 2 sentences, for maximum effect.  In truth, the statement is as follows:

July 12, 2016
Since John Martin came to work for us at St. John’s in our Adult Education Department we have seen nothing that would lead us to believe the charges being made against him. We are stunned by the accusations. Of course we will continue to work with the authorities. We encourage any parishioner who may have any information about the accusation to come forward. And we will continue to pray for Mr. Martin and his family.
Fr. Phil O’Kennedy, 
Pastor of St. John the Baptist Catholic Church

Second, St. Johns Church and Father Phil are taking this very seriously.  Mr. Martin worked with adults, a fact conveniently omitted from Ms. Macaluso’s article, and as such may have come into contact with older teens.  The pastor has contacted these families to inform them of the accusations and encourage them to come forward if they know anything.  In addition. he is speaking about it at every church service, so all the parishioners know what is going on, and what he and the diocese are doing about it.  

Apparently, SNAP would like him to get on the rooftops, aka social media, and shout to the world every action he makes regarding Mr. Martin.  He isn’t.  He is openly and actively communicating with his parishioners, as is his responsibility.  If SNAP or Ms. Macaluso had done ANY significant research into Father Phil’s  actions following Mr. Martin’s arrest, neither of them would say that he or the church is being “quiet” or “trying to hide” anything.  And he is certainly not “rally(ing) to the defense of an accused criminal,” as the article says.  He is however, not publicly condemning a man who has been accused, but not CONVICTED, of a crime.  

This article is designed to be inflammatory.  It leaves out any information that could lead the reader to make their own decision based on facts.  It’s emotional and factually incomplete.  It lights the torches on a witch hunt of this particular Madison church community by capitalizing on the ghosts of horrific past crimes committed by other Catholics.  Neither of your peer news stations has sunk to this low regarding this issue.  Why you?

St. John’s Parishioner, and former WHNT follower.

Monday, May 23, 2016

So, let's talk migraine triggers.  For those of us who suffer with this disease, we eventually learn what causes them and try hard to avoid those triggers.  I know that mine are driven by the barometric pressure, hormones, and food allergies.  I can't do much about the pressure.  And at my age, hormone management is as mythical as the unicorn.  But allergy triggers can be avoided if I know where to look for them.   Raw onions, chocolate, and aged cheese and wine are my big four.

Chocolate - public enemy number one?  Um no, as it turns out.  While I've avoided chocolate like the plague for nearly 40 years, I learned quite a while ago that it isn't the chocolate, but the BUG PARTICULATE in the chocolate, that I'm really allergic to.  Gross right?  Here's the truth.  The FDA allows a certain acceptable level of bug particulate in cocoa beans.  That means, when you consume chocolate, well let's just say there are other things in it that you didn't count on eating.

Fast forward to 5 years ago. I underwent allergy testing, and, wouldn't you know it, my worst allergy trigger was roaches.  So I felt somewhat justified in my avoid "polluted chocolate" stance.  I have always avoided the other known triggers, but I've still been having too many migraine episodes over the last 4 or 5 years.  Many of those headaches had completely unidentifiable triggers.  But I may have discovered a new culprit.


Well, not coffee, but the ROACHES in the coffee.  Yes, coffee falls under that FDA allowable bug particulate thing.  So when you buy pre-ground coffee, either at the grocery store or at the restaurant, you're getting those little bonus bits in there, too.

I have tried to quit coffee forever, thinking it's the caffeine that may be causing the headaches.  I had never been successful.  But, this time I tried a different approach.  I didn't cut the caffeine. I replaced it with hot tea (which I love.)  Now, a month later,  I'm down to maybe 2 cups of coffee a week, ideally from fresh ground beans.  And guess what.  Nearly no headaches.  Well, except for those evil barometric pressure change headaches.

Now I'm looking into what else contains the buggy particulate.  Because I think I'm on to something here.

Max levels for acceptance according to the FDA Defect Levels Handbook
Cocoa Beans
( MPM-V18)
More than 4% of beans by count are moldy
Insect filth
( MPM-V18)
More than 4% of beans by count are insect-infested including insect-damaged
Insect filth and/or mold
More than 6% of beans by count are insect-infested or moldy
NOTE: Level differs when both filth and mold are present
Mammalian excreta
( MPM-V18)
Average of 10 mg or more mammalian excreta per pound
DEFECT SOURCE: Mold - post harvest infection, Insect infested/damaged - post harvest and/or processing insect infestation, Mammalian excreta - post harvest and/or processing animal contamination
Significance: Aesthetic, Potential health hazard - may contain mycotoxin producing fungi
Chocolate and Chocolate Liquor
Insect filth
(AOAC 965.38)
Average is 60 or more insect fragments per 100 grams when 6 100-gram subsamples are examined
Any 1 subsample contains 90 or more insect fragments
Rodent filth
(AOAC 965.38)
Average is 1 or more rodent hairs per 100 grams in 6 100-gram subsamples examined
Any 1 subsample contains 3 or more rodent hairs
(AOAC 968.10-970.23)
For chocolate liquor, if the shell is in excess of 2% calculated on the basis of alkali-free nibs
DEFECT SOURCE:  Insect fragments - post harvest and/or processing insect infestation, Rodent hair - post harvest and/or processing contamination with animal hair or excreta, Shell - processing contamination 
Significance: Aesthetic
Coffee Beans, Green
Insect filth and insects
( MPM-V1)
Average 10% or more by count are insect-infested or insect-damaged
If live external infestation is present use the Compliance Policy Guide (CPG) titled " Food Storage and Warehousing-Adulteration-Filth" (CPG 580.100) in accordance with "Interpretation of Insect Filth" (CPG 555.600)
( MPM-V1)
Average of 10% or more beans by count are moldy
DEFECT SOURCE:  Insect infested/damaged - preharvest and/or post harvest and/or processing insect infestation, Mold - post harvest and/or processing infection
Significance: Aesthetic, Potential health hazard - mold may contain mycotoxin producing fungi

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

New Patterns Published!

It's been too long since the last post.  After being wonderfully swamped with orders for my hoods, I took a break from them for a while.  But now, finally, I've gotten some of the patterns published.  The lion and the panda are both available for sale at and and   Fox and Wolf should be done soon, too.   I also added patterns to for a textured basket, the Sleepy Sheepy EOS lip balm holder, and the Baby Chicken EOS lip balm holder.

Click on the links if you have an interest in purchasing one.  And THANK YOU for your interest and support.   It's such a privilege to be able to do what you love and to know that others love it too.

Remember these links are for the pattern ONLY.  If you're interested in purchasing a completed item, you can message me at the Facebook page, a link to which you can find on the Ravelry site. Thanks!

This one is FREE

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Animals, Hoods, and Mermaids.

It's time for another show and tell.  I've designed some new pieces that seem to be VERY popular.  
It all started with a fox.  This fox, to be exact.

Well, of course there needed to be a wolf, then a panda, and a LION.  

Lion is just too cute!!!

Of course, not everyone can see themselves in a winter hood with ears.  Thus, WRAPPED was born.

These are all of my own design.


The crochet world exploded lately with requests for mermaid tail blankets.  There are tons of patterns out there, but I decided to try my hand at designing my own version, something a little simpler and less in material costs than others I've seen.

And here it is.

No patterns are available at this time.  I'm so overwhelmed with orders that I haven't had time to write a proper pattern for any of them.  Perhaps someday.

Thanks for looking.