Thursday, February 27, 2014

Communication is key: Leadership 101

Feb. 27, 2014
Today's idea: Communicate effectively

Communication within an organization is absolutely key to its success, or failure. A leader must be able to express a vision, enthusiastically and clearly.  Modern technology allows us instant communication.  It's a blessing and a curse.  It gives us a chance to relay great ideas, share timely news, or get clarification of a task.  Great!  But it takes away all the tone and charisma from the exchange.  And NO, emoticons do not count as "tone".  

At a minimum, effective leaders use the following points in communicating with their team.

  1. Know your message- Take time to know exactly what you want to say.  Say it with enthusiasm.
  2. Know your audience- Who are these folks and why do they want to hear what I have to say?  Understand that, and you can tailor your message to be more effective.
  3. Know when to be brief- Simplify, Simplify. Simplify.
  4. Know that timing is critical-   Let's talk email and texting.  Respond in a timely fashion.  Even if you don't know the answer to their question, people want to know they've been heard and you're working on the issue.
  5. Know what the other person looks or sounds like-  Face-to-face or telephone conversation is infinitely more effective than email.  It builds stronger relationships.  It leaves no ambiguity.  Email is a breeding ground for unintended offenses and hard feelings.  Use it, but don't rely on it to build a cohesive team.
  6. Know how to listen-  Seek responses.  Answer questions.  Watch for actions.
Communicate effectively.

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