Sunday, August 7, 2016

Warming up the for the fall crochet season

For the last 2 weeks, I've been brainstorming on what items I'd like to offer for sale during the fall and Christmas season.  There ares so many things I have in mind and lots of new patterns I'd like to try.  I've found several new hats that make me long for cooler temperatures.  There's even been a request for a Magikarp hat, if you can believe it.  I'll try to keep a running list of things I can offer here.   If your interested, you can find more information on my Facebook page.  Keep in mind prices do not include shipping costs, and some items can only be sold locally.

My latest piece of fiber fun was this pull over that was requested by a friend.  It turned out super cute!  This was crocheted using the Aura pattern by Velvet Acorn.  They will be $75 in acrylic yarn, not including shipping.  I will only do a limited number of these.

Pullover - $75 for acrylic, $90 for wool blend

The next craze that hit our home lately is of course the PokemonGo obsession.

4" diameter Pokeball - $5

8" tall Pikachu - $25

Can you believe this pattern I found for a Magikarp hat? 

This photo isn't mine.  Click here for the link to the paid pattern by Stephanie Avila

Below are some to the other cool things I've offered in the past.  Feel free to message me on the Facebook site if you'd like to order one.  

Cute Gift Ideas:

Gandalf Gonk - 10" tall, weighted,
and a perfect for your Tolkein fan.

Santa Gonk - 10" tall, weighted

Santa Gonk Ornament
5" tall, unweighted
Gandalf Gonk Ornament
5" tall, unweighted

BB8 Beanie - $35 all sizes
Original Love Knot Design pattern

R2D2 Beanie - $35 All Sizes
Paid pattern by Level Up Nerd Apparel

Death Star Pillow 9" dam.  $35
Free pattern by Patricia Castillo

Wrapped Hood - $60 Adult size only
Original design by Love Knot Design
Mermaid Tail Blanket- Child $80, Adult $90 
Original design by Love Knot Design

Animal Hoods - Fox, Wolf, Panda - Toddler and Youth $50   Teen $60    Adult $70
Lion with Mane -Toddler and Youth $60   Teen $70    Adult $80 
Original Love Knot Design patterns for the animal hoods can be found on or

Ridged Beanie - $25 acrylic
Free pattern by Nancy Smith
Owlie Hat - $30 acrylic
Paid pattern by Carlinda Lewis

Woven Chunky Baskets - prices vary with size
Original free pattern by Love Knot Design can be found on

Let's Go Hiking Ear Warmer - $25 acrylic,  $30 wool blend
Original design by Love Knot Design
Owlie Ear Warmer - $25 - acrylic only
Modified version of Carlinda Lewis pattern

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