Saturday, March 1, 2014

Be self confident: Leadership 101

March 1, 2014

Be self-confident.

Successful leaders are secure in who they are.  They have a set of principles and guidelines on which they have built their team or organization.  This should come across as self-assuredness, not false bravado.  Insecure leaders will unconsciously limit their organizations by lacking the courage of their convictions.  This can be seen in two ways, indecision and ego.

An organization without a constant guiding principle, firmly held by its leader, will never live up to its potential.  It confuses the team members and eventually loses their confidence. Leaders must listen to their team members' insights, absolutely!  But a wise leader weighs those suggestions against the goals and principles he or she holds to be the foundation of the organization.  A strong house can not be built upon quicksand.  People need a secure leader, in order to feel secure on the team.

An insecure leader often grabs the spotlight from, or turns the spotlight off of, the successes of individual team members.  He or she may be searching for validation from others, taking from the team rather than giving to it.   They can't allow themselves to celebrate the victories of others.  In most cases this is done subconsciously.   But insecure leaders who consistently do this will lose the team's loyalty quickly and permanently.

Be bold. Be humble. Be open.  Be grateful.

Be self-confident.

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