Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My Letter to Governor Bentley

My letter to the Governor- in case you're interested.

Governor Bentley,

As a citizen of North Alabama, I am extremely opposed to the bill passed by our senate mandating a later start date and an earlier end date for Alabama schools.  These are my reasons.
1.)  Our school systems are far better equipped to determine the ideal start and end dates than the State of Alabama.  Regional events and weather patterns vary greatly in our state, and a one-size-fits-all approach to scheduling the school year is ridiculous.
2.) I resent forcing my children to go to school for longer days, and eliminating our opportunity for fall break, simply to allow the southern 1/4 of our state to make more money.  My children are tired and hungry after school now.  How will they be able to learn as well if their day is extended?  Shall we allot our increased instruction time during the day for resting and having yet another snack in the afternoon? 
3.)  I take my vactions to Orange Beach in the fall or spring in order to avoid the crowds and hot weather.  Extending the "opportunity" to me, my family and friends to visit the beach during the hottest weeks of the year is not a welcome invitation. 
Respectfully, I request you hear the voices of your constituents who happen to live north of Mobile Bay.  Veto this legislation!  And allow the individual school systems to devise a schedule that fits the needs of their communities.
Best Regards,
mother of 2 school age children
resident of Madison County Alabama