Tuesday, July 12, 2011

We need a mermaid, Jack.

Marina, the Mermaid
   Back home after a lovely, thoroughly uneventful trip to Texas.  Visiting my family is soul restoring.  We swam in my brother's fabulous pool, toured the Bolivar Penninsula and Galveston, and generally visited with family and old friends.  Oh, and did I mention I crocheted a bit.  

I don't have much time for my yarn addiction at home these days, so the week visiting mom was spend immersed in waves of crochet.  Meet Marina, the mermaid.  2 days of nearly uninterrupted crafting.  Bliss.  
This was a free pattern off of Crochet Today website and I've never used a free pattern that was better written.  Kudos to the designer.  The daughter didn't care for the blue hair it called for, so we opted for golden yellow instead.  Body made of Love that Yarn in Linen.Tail was some leftover stash from my mom's closet, but I think it was Baby Bee brand from Hobby Lobby.  Netting, shells, and face elements are all crocheted with DMC floss.  Can't remember what we used for the hair, but I know it's a DK weight.

Who knew that making dolls would make me so happy?  Me, the engineer.  Dolls? Really?  But, they do. I'll post more project pics later.

Happy days!

Head and Shoulders
Love this webbing!!!
  Great design element and fun too.

Blind Mermaid

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