Saturday, July 2, 2011

Read me a story, HAL.

We pass today taking a long road trip. It amazes me how technology makes these pilgrimages home almost a pleasant experience. I used to think otherwise, when all we had was a DVD player. This caused nothing but loud arguments over movie selection and angle of screen. I banned the DVD player years ago. But today, I have developed a new appreciation for all things hi-tech. Here's why:

1) The teenager is reading. Yep. A miracle. But the best part is he's reading Huck Finn without the slightest problem interpreting "Jim"s dialog. How you ask? We downloaded (free) the audio book from iTunesU onto his iPod. We put the free ebook on his kindle. He's reading along with the audio book. 8 chapters read so far and he's actually enjoying the book. Thanks Nannie and UJ for the kindle and iPod!

2)The 3rd grader is training her Nintendog on the DS. Unimpressed? Most kids have their noses continually glued to one of those infernal devices right? Not my girl. She never bothers with the thing until it's time to hit the road for a long trip. So it's a novel experience and keeps her entertained. Keeping her happy is never a simple task and anything that accomplishes it is welcome in my car!

3) Later, I plan on watching Harry Potter part 7 on digital download. Nuff said.

4). Lastly... I'm writing this post using a non-3G iPad, wirelessly tethered to the iPhone, via personal hot spot, while traveling 80mph through the-middle-of-nowhere Mississippi. Love it!!!

I'm off to go surf for crochet patterns. Peace out.

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